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Get your plan together
A long distance move requires coordination between yourself, your realtor or landlord, and your mover. Make a list of all the things each party has to accomplish and put them in a time table. You'll need to make sure you're packed completely and in advance of when the move happens, and your realtor or landlord needs to make sure that your new place is available for the movers. Our Boston Movers can take care of the rest!

Start packing a month in advance
People these days have lots and lots of stuff. Be prepared for it to take longer than you think to pack it all up. Take a month to do it; If you pack a few boxes a day you will be far less stressed and far more organized. You'll also have more time to get rid of old items and to make a proper labeling system.

Check your timetable weekly
Every week you should go through your list and update what has been accomplished and add anything new that has come up. This will keep you on track and make sure that no details are missed. It will also take out any worry your mind has about if something has been done or not. The key to any move is to keep it as low-stress as possible.

Make sure your realtor and your mover are doing their job
In your plan you should have questions to ask for your mover and realtor/landlord on a weekly basis. You can be completely ready, but if they aren't then you're stuck with rooms full of boxes. It's not unreasonable to have weekly follow ups to check on the status of both the new residence or the moving reservation, but make sure you have your ducks in a row too so you don't have to change things drastically for them at the last minute. Good communication among all the parties is key.

Take care of yourself
We at Boston Movers want you to have the best experience possible, but be sure you're getting enough sleep and food as the day of the move approaches. You want to feel your best when the move occurs so you can help coordinate things. Knowing that everything is taken care of and having a healthy body can turn moving day from a chore into something enjoyable.

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